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Tagajo Castle and temple ruins



Tagajo Castle and temple ruins

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Tagajo Castle was constructed in 724 by Azumabito Ono and served as the provincial capital from the Nara period to the Heian period. It was the center of government, military affairs, and culture in the northeastern region. The castle, which stood on a hill offering a sweeping view of Sendai Bay and the Sendai Plain, was surrounded by 1-km walls on four sides with gates at the south, east, and west. A government office built nearly at the center was the site of important administrative business, ceremonies, and banquets. Soldiers’ quarters and a government office where administrative affairs were actually held were located in various places within the castle grounds.

Tagajo Castle Monument

Tagajo Castle Monument

This monument is one of the three oldest in Japan. The monument inscription states information, such as the fact that Taga Castle was built by Azumabito Ono in 724 and was significantly renovated by Asakari Fujiwara in 762. In the Edo period, the famous poet Matsuo Basho visited this monument during his trip that was detailed in his masterpiece, “The Narrow Road to the Deep North.”

Tagajo Castle Temple Ruins

These are the ruins of the castle-affiliated temple that was built at the same time as Taga Castle with the idea of bringing stability to the northeast region through the power of Buddhism. A lecture hall was in the front, a three-storied pagoda to the east, and a main hall to the west, while roofed mud walls surrounded the temple. The layout resembles Kanzeon Temple and the temple affiliated with the Dazai-fu, the central facility for government, military affairs, and culture in Kyushu.

Tagajo Castle Temple Ruins
Tohoku History Museum

Tohoku History Museum

The overall history of northeast Japan, from the Paleolithic period until the modern era, is exhibited by time period in 9 areas. The exhibit on Taga Castle Ruins is particularly comprehensive. On display are numerous discovered materials, including tiles and high-quality pottery imported from China, and earthenware used in charms. Visitors can learn a great deal about Taga Castle.

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Iris Festival

Iris Festival

The Iris Festival is held in the Iris Garden at Taga Castle Ruins in June each year. Visitors can enjoy the colorful irises and other beautiful seasonal flowers.

Tagajo Castle and temple ruins

Address Ichikawa, Tagajo
Contact +81-(0)22-368-0102 Miyagi Prefectural Research Institute of the Tagajo Site
Access Approx. 5 min. on foot from JR Kokufu-Tagajo Station
Parking 20 passenger cars

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